Textile treatments


Treatments comprise washing, dyeing and a variety of special effects that are applied in order to provide the look that is in fashion and demanded by our customers.

The garments are mainly trousers, but also jackets, sweaters, dresses, shirts, blouses, handbags and shoes, and many more products can be treated using our modern equipment. We use high-class open pocket washing and dyeing machines, ozone generators for the bleaching processes, laser machines, eflow, brushing machines and many more in order to get the right look with our professional staff.

For colour development, we use the Color Service autolab, and recipes are created with the help of datacolor software and DC 600 and Viewport for colormetric measurements and quality checks.


Washing types we carry out

Washing types:

  • Soft and rinse wash
  • Garment wash
  • Enzyme wash with acid and neutral enzymes
  • Chemical stone wash as well as washing with pumice stones
  • Bleaching with bleaching agents as well as with ozone
  • Finishing with hydrorepellent emulsion
  • and much more
  • besides
Dyeing types we carry out

    Dyeing types:

  • Direct dye
  • Reactive dye
  • Pigment dye
  • Cold dye
  • Old dye
  • Old vintage dye
  • New old dye
  • Sulphur dye
  • Indanthren dye
  • Double dye
  • Fluorescent dye (neon)
  • Dirty dye
  • Batik dye
  • and much more besides
Finishing & special effect types we carry out

Finishing & special effects:

  • Scraping with laser and manually
  • Buffy
  • Brushing
  • 3D effect (kebab)
  • Paper print
  • Destroy and damage
  • Colour pigment spray
  • Shiny leather effect
  • Flash print
  • Spray dirty
  • Batik spray
  • Coating with foil and much more
  • besides

Our laboratory is equipped with all instruments for colour measurement and the control of fastness values, like washing, rubbing dry and wet, fastness to light and fastness to perspiration. All garments pass a final control before packing, and a report for statistical purpose is written with the help of special software. By doing all this, we can provide a quality that is compliant with the standards that are defined by our customers.

Our services also include

    Our services also include:

  • Ironing
  • Topping
  • Full inspection
  • Label changing
  • Repair
  • Ticketing
  • Packing in boxes or hanging
  • Bagging
  • Shipping
  • Pick-up and delivery service from the producers