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Sustainability policy

We – the company Dr. Bock Industries AG – are aware of the social and environmental impacts of our business activities. Sustainability is fundamental for us, and we want to act as a responsible player in the market in order to create value for employees, customers, stakeholders and the company itself, while regarding and respecting the social and environmental impacts.

Sustainable economics is the chance to produce high quality products under correct social and environmental conditions, and opens the chance to develop the business model in a future-oriented way.

Portrait of Dr. Dietrich Bock

To this end, we will:

  1. Develop and encourage solutions to improve environmental performance by considering practical ways to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, energy and water consumption, waste and pollution.
  2. Provide our employees with knowledge and skills in order to provide practical environmental solutions, with a strong commitment to shared knowledge and training.
  3. Provide environmental leadership through an active contribution to development, and presenting at workshops.
  4. Reduce environmental impact of our operations by managing our water and energy consumption, recycling waste and ensuring that our activities are a practical demonstration of environmental sustainability.
  5. Implement and maintain Quality Management System (ISO9001), Environmental Management System (ISO14001), Energy Management System (ISO50001), Social Management System (SA8000) and seek to continually improve our performance and comply with applicable legal requirements.
  6. Report transparently on our environmental and social performance and make this available on our website.

Dr. Bock Industries wants to be seen as a reliable partner for customers in its quest to strengthen its position in the international market.

Main Shareholder:
Dr. Dietrich Bock