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Social compliance

Social compliance is a result of conformance to the rules of social accountability by the organization, which includes not only its own policies and practices, but also those of its supply and distribution chains.

It is an ongoing process in which we keep on looking for better ways to protect the health, safety and fundamental rights of our employees, and also to protect and enhance the community and environment in which we operate.

Codes of conduct

Tolerance, respect and trust are all fundamental principles of correct dealings with each other in everyday life. Problems must be discussed openly while seeking mutually acceptable solutions. This is the only way to achieve a working atmosphere that is both open and fair.
Furthermore, the integrity that we exhibit in our dealings with our employees, business partners, shareholders and the public is also a significant factor in our success. We want people to consider Dr. Bock Industries AG a responsible and reliable company.
In preparing this Code of Conduct, Dr. Bock Industries AG has created a binding set of rules which will be of assistance when dealing with the challenges, both ethical and legal, that arise in the course of day-to-day work. This does not, however, mean that the Code of Conduct provides detailed instructions. Where needed, we have issued separate policies.

Fair compensation project

  • Dr. Bock Industries cooperates with its biggest customer in defining fair compensation for its employees. Within the project, the state of the art is defined at the moment by analysing the national statistics about income, income distribution and income requirements based on consumption baskets for different types of households
  • Based on the analysis, the company will provide a development plan for the income for its employees for the next three years
  • The plan for income development will show the development of the legal minimum wages in the country concerned, planned development within the company, and sources of income like contracted income, bonuses, profit sharing and/or stock option programmes and other incentives such as  pension funds and/or life insurance plans, in order to increase income after retirement

Sustainability environment

Dr. Bock Industries AG  supports its factories to protect and respect the environment during the production cycle. On behalf of this, the group makes its decisions, so that the demands of economic activities and of the environment should be in conformity beyond the legal requirements. The environmental policies of the Dr. Bock Industries AG group incorporate the relevant directives, objectives and undertakings.