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Data protection statement

Dr. Bock Industries AG on the topic of data protection

We are delighted that you are interested in our company, products, and services and would like to provide you with some key information regarding our approach to protecting your personal data.

Protecting personal data is crucial, particularly in tomorrow's Internet-based business models and when developing Internet-based economies. In this data protection statement, we thus aim to emphasize our dedication to protecting your personal data.

Our employees as well as the service providers appointed by us are bound to confidentiality and to observing the regulations of the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (Federal Data Protection Act) and any other relevant data protection regulations.

We take protecting your personal data very seriously and conscientiously follow the rules of data protection acts.

Explanation: According to the definition provided by the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (Federal Data Protection Act), "Personal data" is information about personal or factual relations of a certain or determinable individual person. This includes, for example, your name, your physical address, your account number, your email address as well as your IP address.

The following declaration offers you an overview of how we intend to protect your data.

Use and circulation of personal data

Any personal data, which you provide us with via our website or other channels, will solely be used for correspondence with you and is exclusively collected, processed, and saved for the purpose you intended when submitting the data. In addition, we will use this data to send you occasional offers and to inform you about new products, services, and other items that might be of interest to you. You can deny the use of your data at any time by sending a message to our Data Protection Officer.

If required, information will be passed on by us to companies, service providers or other third parties associated with Dr. Bock. This may be necessary to perform a service or transaction requested by yourself, such as order processing, event and seminar registrations, for customer service purposes or to provide you with information regarding products or services. When passing on personal data to third parties, we shall limit this to the information necessary to provide our respective services. The respective third party must only use this personal data to perform the service required or the transaction needed, which is commissioned in our order. In doing so, the service providers are obliged to adhere to the Data Protection Act.

We shall never share, sell or otherwise provide your personal data to third parties for marketing purposes.

Data processing on this web page

For security and technical reasons, Dr. Bock automatically processes information transmitted by your browser to its system protocols. This includes in particular:

  • IP address (possibly personal)
  • name of retrieved file
  • date and time of retrieval
  • quantity of data transferred
  • report as to whether retrieval was successful
  • report as to why a retrieval may have failed
  • the name of your internet service provider
  • browser information (e.g. type of browser, screen resolution)
  • operating system
  • website from which you found us.


Our Internet pages use so-called cookies in several locations. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer and are saved by your browser. They are used to make our Internet pages more user friendly, effective, and secure.

For example they ensure technical realization of a user session. At the same time, these cookies provide information which enables us to optimize our websites in line with user requirements, e.g. direct links to localized websites by entering the Internet address

The majority of cookies used by us are so-called session cookies. These are automatically deleted once you exit our website. Some cookies are used which are saved for a longer period of time. The maximum storage period of a cookie can be up to one year, for example, when saving your preferred language on our website.

All cookies on our websites contain purely technical information in a pseudonymized or anonymized format, with no personal data.

If you want to prevent cookies from being saved, in your browser settings select "Do not accept cookies". If cookies are not accepted by the browser, the scope of functions of our websites may be severely limited. A number of functions are then no longer available.

Web analyses

Piwik web analytics tool (

The user actions on the website are recorded and evaluated by the tracking software Piwik ( Storage of the IP address is anonymous, i.e. the last two octets of the IP address are set to 0. This means the collected data cannot be traced back to a specific person. The tracking software is only used to adapt the website to the current technical framework conditions and to optimize the Internet service for the users. Forwarding to third parties is excluded.

The tracking software is located in Germany and on its own server. Statistical data and any personal data (e.g. via registration or contact forms) are thus stored separately on different servers. A link between personal data and statistical data can be completely ruled out.

Contradiction of the web analysis

You have a right to appeal against collection of anonymized data by Piwik. The appeal is stored as an opt-out cookie, so that for example the opt-out must be declared again after deletion of all browser cookies.

Click here to lodge an appeal.

Supplementary notes regarding use and circulation of personal data

Dr. Bock may be forced to disclose your data and corresponding details by order of a judicial or regulatory action. We also reserve the right to use your data to assert a claim or to defend against legal claims. In compliance with applicable law, we reserve the right to save and pass on personal data and any other data in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, and violations of Dr. Bock's terms and conditions of use.

Secure Internet communication

We make every effort to ensure that your personal data is transmitted and saved utilizing technical and organizational measures, in such a way that it is not accessible to third parties.

As a general rule, the Internet is regarded as an insecure medium. In contrast to a telephone line, for instance, transmission of data on the Internet can be more easily wiretapped, recorded or even modified by unauthorized third parties. 

Encryption of data transmission

To ensure the confidentiality of communications with you, we use specific functions (log-in etc.) of an AES 256 bit SSL encryption. The encryption used by us is regarded as secure, based on the latest technological advancements. Operating systems and browsers from earlier versions also achieve this security level. If necessary, you should update the operating system and browser on your PC to enable use of this high-grade encryption.

When communicating via email in an unencrypted manner, complete data security cannot be guaranteed, so we recommend using the postal service for confidential information.

Update of this data protection statement

Dr. Bock launches new products or services, alters its Internet procedures or if the Internet and electronic data processing security technology is further developed, the data protection statement is to be updated. We therefore reserve the right to alter or modify this statement as required. The change will be published here.

Right of access / deleting and changing personal data

Should you have any questions that have not been addressed by this data protection statement or you require more detailed information regarding a specific point, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you do not agree to your personal data being saved or this data becomes inaccurate, we will ensure that your data is corrected, blocked or deleted, upon receiving your instructions to this effect. Upon request, we will send you a list of all your personal data that we have stored. In this case, please contact:

Dr. Bock Industries AG
Welle 23
D-31749 Auetal-Rolfshagen

Please appreciate that we require proof of identification to handle any requests regarding your personal data.

Data Protection Official

For general questions with regard to collection, processing or usage of personal data by us, as well as for general information about data protection at Dr. Bock Industries AG, please write to:

Dr. Bock Industries AG
Welle 23
D-31749 Auetal-Rolfshagen