Location Romania

Platanus Romania | Baraolt

  • Address:Baraolt, Str. Libertăţii, No. 15A, 525100 Jud. Covasna, Romania
  • Phone: +40 (267) 377 465
  • Fax: +40 (267) 377 465

The subsidiary

Platanus was founded in 2003 in Baraolt, a town situated in the northern part of Covasna county, Romania. The factory has 150 employees.

The company started its activity in 2004 through collaboration with "Baróti Szabó Dávid" Vocational School in Baraolt. It is the latest company founded by Dr. Bock Industries in Romania, being specialized in producing men's sports trousers and jeans. From April 2006, the Platanus company has continued its activity in a new production hall, equipped with the complete technical facilities of the technological process.

The company's production capacity is 250,000 pairs of trousers per year. At the moment, a new extension is in progress, which will result in an increase in the production capacity.

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