Garments from A to Z

Trousers from A to Z

Today we offer all kinds of trousers to the market - starting with classical trousers in 100% wool, to all kind of chinos and five pockets in flat fronts and denims, up to highly sophisticated casual and functional trousers. The focus is still on menswear, but in recent years we have also been moving into the womenswear markets.

The manufacturing process takes place in nine units, comprising five trouser factories in Romania and the Ukraine, and three washing / dyeing plants in Romania, the Ukraine and Germany as well. Since 2013, the new unit RGT Italia srl in Padua has been acting as our creative development unit for the fashion design of surfaces and treatments.

The focus of our strategic development is to offer the complete product to our customers, and the market response shows this is what most of our existing and potential customers are asking for. Beside this, we still offer treatments only and CMT to the market for those customers who prefer this kind of organization in their supply chain.


Spreading & Cutting

In our garment units we use highly sophisticated software and hardware in order to achieve high levels of efficiency and quality. Starting from the use of Assyst software for grading, pattern making and pattern adjustment, as well as the optimization of consumption (using Assyst cost), and fully automatic marker making with Automarker in preparation for the production process, the list goes on with the use of high class spreading machines with TDS and a total of 7 cutters that guarantee a precise cutting process.

Sorting & Bundling

Sewing & Assembling

In sewing and assembling we use highly sophisticated sewing technology with semi-automatic solutions and, in part, fully automatic equipment that enables us to increase productivity year by year and stabilize the quality of the products.

For the quality assurance system in the line (control of sewing operations), we use online tablets and QCD software, which was developed together with the Romanian company DATAS, a local IT company. Starting in 2016, we are going to implement online terminals in all garment factories, at each workplace, to collect production data in real time and report on the efficiency achieved in real time as well. This project will be finished completely at the end of 2017.

Finishing & Final Inspection

Finishing & Final Inspection

Each garment passes a final inspection process using a predefined software-controlled checking procedure that is customized for each style, and that guarantees a full inspection of all elements of the garment. The software was developed in the company and is part of the QCD software package that is in use.

Regular self-audits are also supported by our software. This enables us to build up feedback loops with our clients. The software will allow us  to share the results with our clients. The last check before shipment is done by AQL.