Our CRM agency


Being a partner for clothing for a lot of premium brands in Europe, we are increasingly also a partner for product and collection development.

Our young and dynamic CRM team reflects briefings and mood books and is able to provide support for our customers, starting from garment planning and designing, and ending with workmanship. With textile engineers in our team, we can provide customized solutions for different trouser models or finishing. We are pleased to make proposals on sample development, we purchase fabrics and accessories, we  develop prototypes and treatments, based on clients' needs.
For us, the most important thing is to impress and improve the relationship with the customer. We always accurately analyse the information that comes from customers and products in order to understand their needs and to offer the best support.

For us, customer relations management means getting to know, and learning more about, the customer in order to have a smart and fast response to every request. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact.

Design & Sketch Making

Development Network

Our development  centre in Padua built up a good network of fabric suppliers, suppliers of chemicals and dyestuffs, fashion and design institutes as well as the University of Padua, and of all suppliers of equipment in Italy and Spain.  Using this network, we are able to create new surfaces and control the creative process of treatment development as part of our services.
In Padua, customers can develop full collections or  prototypes for future collections.  By using the EIM software ( Environmental Impact Measurement), we are able to evaluate all new treatments  by an EIM score that measures the use of chemicals, manpower, electricity  and, of course, water. By providing processes with low EIM scores, we help our customers to bring more sustainable garments onto the market.

Pattern & Sample Making

Pattern & Sample Making

We provide samples for all your company’s sample requirements, including first samples, costing samples, duplicates, fit samples, jump-size sets and production samples, as well as salesman and showroom samples. All our samples are delivered with full documentation. The introduction of a PLM software system is planned for 2016 and 2017, in order to improve the process and to enable us to follow the developments steps according to the cost and price requirements of our customers.