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Dr. Bock Industries AG has cooperated for many years with auditors that analyse the existing situation with respect to organization, compliance and the use of chemicals (Restricted Substance List – RSL).

Since 1998, two confectioning companies have been awarded the ISO 9001 certificate, and recently our washing-dyeing plant in Romania was awarded the STEP certificate of the Hohenstein Institute as the first washing-dyeing unit in the world. Furthermore, we undertake permanent audits at the request of customers that are realized by Systain, BSCI, GSM referring to social compliance to RSL. We are proud to mention that we have always achieved good results.

In order to bring all units under an umbrella of reliable certification, we created the Umbrella concept in 2015. The target is to bring all units to the same level within the next three years by the end of 2018.

Content 9 elements

Content 9 elements:

Results achieved so far:
Certifications already held within the Dr. Bock Industries AG group are as follows:

  1. ISO 9001 2008 certification at TTC and RHM. The certifications were performed by the TÜV Rheinland Romania certification body.
  2. Social Compliance audits conducted by a third party company from Germany, Systain.
  3. Oeko Tex 100 certification in SC RGT SRL. The certification was conducted by the Hohenstein Institute, Germany.
  4. STeP (Sustainable Textile Production) certification in SC RGT SRL. With this certificate, we are the first washing facility in the world, the second company in Eastern Europe and the first one in Romania. In February 2016, we had also a STeP compliance audit, and we achieved the highest level possible (level 3 - exemplary implementation in the sense of a best practice example)
  5. BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) certification in the UCC-UA, one of the companies from the Ukraine. The audit was performed by the SGS certification body. Our result achieved: 100%.
  6. RSL (Restricted Substances List) audits and re-audits at TTC, RGT-RO, PTF-UA and RGT-UA, performed by a third company - GSM (Global Sustainable Management), on behalf of our customer Hugo Boss.
  7. CPI2 (Carbon Performance Improvement Initiative) implementation in RO and UA. We achieved the "ECO-Partner" status for RGT-RO from our customer BRAX.
  8. GSCP (Global Social Compliance Programme) - SA's (self-assessments) already done. Project in collaboration with our customer Hugo Boss.


Other projects and timeline

Under Umbrella concept:

  • ISO9001 (Quality Mgmt. System), ISO14001 (Environmental Mgmt. System), ISO50001 (Energy Mgmt. System), SA8000 (Social Mgmt. System), standards will be implemented in 2016 within Dr. Bock Industries AG. We plan to obtain certification to all the above standards within the companies of the entire group: Romania, the Ukraine, Germany, Italy. The certification of standard SA8000 covers the requirements of BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and it is in line with FLA (Fair Labor Association).
  • STeP certificate - Our plan for 2016 is to implement the STeP standard and also to obtain the certificate from RGT-UA.
Content 9 elements

Other projects in ongoing phase:

  1. Road Map to Zero Project - part of the substances will be replaced by the end of 2016, and the rest by 2020. This project is in collaboration with our customer Hugo Boss.
  2. Best Practice Waste Management project-RHM and TTC already implemented, RGT and PTF until 30.06.2016 will be implemented according to the action plan agreed with our customer Hugo Boss.
  3. Virtual sampling for colour project- lab RGT-RO, by the end of June, 2016.
  4. SAC (Sustainable Apparel Coalition)- we have just become a member of SAC. This project is in collaboration with H&M and it is planned for 2016. We have to make the reports from a social and environmental point of view on the Higg platform, such as approved supplier for H&M brand.

We are making a huge effort in this area of certifications and sustainability, and we believe this is in the interest of ourselves and our customers!